About us

Agunes has mastered the anti-aging process by creating the most exclusive, luxurious and in demand product on the market appropriately titled “Sexy Golddigger”.  

The name is inspired by a desire to live the sexy glam-era lifestyle everyday while providing younger, ageless and sexy products that are not tested on animals and contain no animal by-products.

Time is the most precious  commodity one can poses on the universe.

Sexy Gold Digger poses the ingredients to bring back time to create forever beauty.

With age, time leaves it's mark on our bodies.  Sexy Golddigger incorporates the latest innovations in anti-aging skincare solutions to renew the skin and reduce the signs of aging.  By utilizing the latest developments in skincare technology, Sexy Golddigger offers a safe and effective alternative, based on scientific research.  Sexy Golddigger will provide all in one hydration, lift/muscle relaxer and brighten/reduce age spots, all in one product.  This product will leave you feeling youthful, classy and as ageless as gold.

Feel like GOLD  and look sexier with “Sexy Golddigger”...

Louis Mandylor for "Sexy Golddigger"